07 December, 2015

New Project Launch

GLOBAL research project to be commenced soon
This is to announce a new research project that will be conducted by our group: "GLOBAL: Relational cities and enclave urbanism in the 'Singapores of the West'. How niche-sovereignty strategies and political economy help minor metropolises to globalise. The cases of Geneva (CH) and Luxembourg (L)”.

The project is funded by the Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR), Luxembourg, and will commence on 1st March 2016. It has a duration of three years. GLOBAL complements previous research undertaken in the domains of sustainable development in general and regional governance in particular (see the research projects SUSTAINLUX and SUSTAIN_GOV), and it adds to our research trajectory on the link between city-regions and flows. These flows include not only material flows, but also the circulation of money or political ideas, and it specifically aims to link concepts of relational cities with a new understanding of how urban space is organised and governed.

The project addresses three main issues. First, the research will deal with the increasing degree of global integration of local places, an integration that is not related to their economic or population size but which is an outcome of their specialisation and the politics of niche-sovereignty. This will be done by drawing on the idea of relational cities and the example of three cities: Luxembourg, Geneva and Singapore. Second, the project will emphasise the urban-regional implications of the integration of these cities into global processes, with particular attention being paid to the emergence of specialised locales that are rather distinct and, in locational terms, separated from others. Here, it is the concept of enclave urbanism that will be mobilised to frame the development and implications of actually existing enclaves in the three relational cities investigated. And third, the project will interrogate the links between the macro-scale notion of the relational city and the meso-level concept of enclave urbanism by exploring how both of these imply similar governance attitudes and practices. This will be done by juxtaposing the traditions, beliefs and dilemmas of the key actors involved in both the original development of the case study cities as relational and of those responsible for the generation of enclave urbanism.

By investigating three enclave spaces in each of the three relational cities, the project will both strengthen the central concepts, develop a theoretical link between them on the basis of governance practices and generate insights on the three cities and their urban systems. In so doing, it will also contribute to detect both the “other” in globalisation, which is its local or regional imprint, and also the processes and dynamics that are going on “out there”, and study the manifold forms in which these two are linked together.

We are seeking an experienced post-doc for collaborating in this research project over the next three years, to become a member of the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning at the University of Luxembourg. Please find more information about the post here: http://emea3.mrted.ly/we83

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